JA Solar 385W Mono Percium Half-Cell Black Frame

JA Solar 385W Mono Percium Half-Cell Black Frame

Part Number:  JAM60S-20-385-MR-MC4
Brand:  JA Solar
Power Rating:  320w
Cell Type:  Mono

Weight:  18.50 kg

Delivery:  Surcharge of £50.00



400 in stock

Minimum Order: 2 pieces

VOC: 41.78V
ISC: 11.53A
VMP: 35.04V
IMP: 10.99A
Frame Size (mm): 1776x1052x35
Product Warranty: 12 Years
Performance Warranty: 25 Years

JA Solar 320W-340W Mono Percium 120 Half Cell All Black PV Module

Assembled with high efficiency PERC cells, the half cell configuration of the modules offers the advantages of higher power output, better temperature dependent performance, reduced shading effect on the energy generation, lower risk of hot spot, as well as enhanced tolerance for mechanical loading.

Higher output power

Lower temperature coefficient

Less shading effect

Better mechanical loading tolerance

Model No. JAM60S17-320-340/MR MBB
Brand JA Solar
Product Warranty 12 Years
Cell Type Mono-crystalline
Dimensions (H/W/D) 1689 x 996 x 35 mm
Junction Box IP68 Rated with 3 Diodes
Number of Cells 120(12x10)
Output Cable TUV 2 x 4.0mm2, Length 1000mm with MC4
Technical Data for Panel JA Solar Data Sheet