Genius Roof SolarFlash™ Slate New Build Kit

Genius Roof SolarFlash™ Slate New Build Kit

Part Number:  GEN-SLATE-NEW
Brand:  Genius Roof



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For use on existing Slate Roofs

1 x SolarFlash™
3 x Hallhooks™ & 1 x Hookpull™
2 x Shims (packings)
1 x Foam insert
3 x Compensation hooks

Product Description

The SolarFlash™ system is a simple and effective waterproof solution to refitting roofing slates or tiles around a roof bracket when installing solar photovoltaic, or other, panels. By installing with SolarFlash™, it can help you to ensure that all your installations are MCS 012 compliant.

SolarFlash™ is very easy to install and enables you to do an excellent job and leave the roof with a clean, reliable and weatherproof finish, without any additional expert knowledge or training. The Youtube installation video shows you step-by-step how to easily and quickly install SolarFlash™.