Emlite ECA2 Single Phase kW Hour Generation Meter

Emlite ECA2  Single Phase kW Hour Generation Meter

Part Number:  Emlite ECA2.V
Brand:  Emlite

Weight:  250 g



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Emlite ECA2 Single Phase kW Hour Generation Meter

Emlite : ECAV.2The ECA2 single phase meter is one of the world’s most compact metering devices allowing the unit to be used in metering installations where space is at a premium The meter provides measurement of active (kWh) energy in both import and export directions with registers shown on the large easy to read LCD display. The display features 8×3.5mm characters and can be configured to auto cycle any of the available registers or remain static with only a single register viewable. The meter features an optical port conforming to IEC 629056-21 allowing meter readings to be collected electronically using a standard probe and software tool. The port also allows configuration of the meter. The electronic meter is highly reliable and capable of withstanding high voltage events and overcurrent without failure. The meter is resistant to tamper with reverse energy fraud detection and sealing for life. High quality solid brass cable terminals are used allowing 100 Amp operation.

Key Features:

Fully MID approved

EN 50470 1-3 : Class B (1%)

Easy-to-read LCD display

Measures import and export active energy

Optical port for configuration or meter reading

Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) ECAV.2
Brand Emlite
Product Type Generation Meter
Voltage Range : 220-240V
Maximum Voltage : 267V
Current Measuring Range: Up to 100A
Meter Phase: Single phase
Certified Product Life : 20 years
Dimensions: 91x125x40mm
Protection : IP52
Technical Data  Emlite Data Sheet